First day in Taiwan

January 1, our first day in Taiwan. Because of jet lag, my parents and I are up and running at 4 in the morning. We look out the window and notice a skyline full of tall looking buildings, all sitting there like trees in a forest. We then start doing some research for the day ahead. Maybe a museum. Maybe a little snack before starting our day. After finding some nice little activities, we head out towards the northern part of Taipei. We visit my school, a large campus encircled by towering apartment buildings, and also go to a Japanese department store called Muji. Then we stop at a nearby 7/11 to get an onigiri, rice stuffed with chicken and then enveloped in seaweed. By then it was already 4 ocklock and we retired home to sleep, again because of jetlag

Taipei Skyline from Elephant Mountain
Elephant Mountain offers a spectacular view of Taipei city. Getting to the best photography point is about a 20 to 30 minute climb of 1000ft or so up an enormous number of somewhat uneven steps. In the summer heat, this isn’t a lot of fun but the resulting view is definitely worth the discomfort of getting up there.

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