Florida 2014

Read all about my trip to Florida.


This specific blog was written in 2014 when I was ten years old so do not expect the same awesome, action packed writing as some of the other more recent blogs. Enjoy.

*Pictures are at the end.

This spectacular blog will be some kind of a diary/guide to a perfect stay in East and South Florida

Day 1: Leaving from PHX to MCO

Our plane took us from Phoenix to Denver first. It was a spectacular view as we flew over the Rockies. Some of the peaks were above 15000ft and most of them were completely covered with snow.

We stopped in Denver just enough time to grab a quick salad and continued onto Orlando where we picked up our rental car to drive to Daytona Beach, FL. It was too late to say Hi to Yann as it was close to midnight. Our hotel surprised us as we opened the sliding door from our room on the 13th floor and we could hear the surf as we were right on the beach. Unfortunately it was too cold and too late to take a dip in the hot tub.

Day 2 Florida
Today we started off by eating breakfast at our hotel.

After meeting Yann at school and driving him to his plane hangar we were surprised to not see the plane. Yann explained that the airplane was being repaired. They had a broken exhaust pipe that neded to be welded and special ordered so it would take a while. After that, we left to go to a place where Yann could rent a Piper airplane. He got a nice blue and white one that we rode to Spruce Creek where you can fly in and eat a quick lunch. We took several pictures which I will show next.

Arriving back in Daytona Beach, we went to another technician shop where we picked up Yann’s motorcycle. Yann drove it while we drove the car until Yann’s house. Arriving at Yann’s house we saw his roommates Chaz and Marcus and were able to meet them. Yann packed his suitcase which we took to South Miami to our hotel for our week-end in the Keys.

Day 3 FL
Today we started off again by having a great breakfast where I found my favorite breakfast food: Doughnuts! We quickly left to drive down to the John Pennekamp state park in Key Largo. Located in the keys, its Caribbean location hosts great coral reefs where we took a boat ride out and had 1 hr of snorkeling time. Unfortunately I couldn’t take pictures underwater so I can only describe the beautifully colored fishes with words. We saw a medium sized black-tailed shark and a couple of different fish that are usually only found in aquarium or in movies. They had pretty much a different color on each of the skin pieces. After leaving Key Largo we went down a little more South to experience the LONG bridges.

On the way we stopped in a beautiful Beach Cafe in Islamadora where we could have dinner on the beach and played a game of petanque. We returned to our hotel where we had a good night sleep.

Day 4 FL
Today we started off by eating our usual breakfast but then we played some shuffleboard outside. I won versus Yann 28-16. After that we went north to Miami. Upon arriving in Miami we went to tour some luxurious houses on this island by car.

On our way to a farmers market in downtown Miami, we stopped by the American Airlines Arena for some pictures with the beast.( Lebron James) We even saw him driving his Porsche to practice! (picture below)

While walking down a street we saw the Tesla® store. We then test drive the performance model which Dad accelerated dramatically about 6 times. Soon afterwards we headed home to Daytona Beech were we had a good night sleep.

Day 5 FL
Today we started off with a nice bacon and eggs breakfast. After a little planing of our day, we started our 1 hr drive to St. Augustine. Arriving in the town we parked and then entered the oldest building in the oldest permanently settled European settlement in the continental USA. After a quick visit we went eating in a restraunt that served old school food. After Dad left us due to a conference call, my mom and I went to the colonial quarters. This is an outside museum featuring a replica of a Spanish settlement in the 17, 18, and the 19 th century.

Dad met us with Yann to take us to the airport where we flue from St. Augustine to Brunswick, Georgia. We ate at a barbecue restaurant and returned to St. Augustine for a good night sleep.

Day 6 FL
Today we started off by going to bakery in St. Augustine, a little town on the coast. We then directly went to the Castillo where we listened to a guided tour which led us into this humongous room where all the men ate. Then we visited the second floor where we could see a beautiful view of the city.

After eating a quick lunch we headed back to Daytona beech where we met Yann at his house. He showed us all the picture he had took in India last Christmas. After that, we met some of Yann’s friends and we all ate together in a Japanese restaurant.

Day 7 FL
Today we started off with a small breakfast at our hotel. We then went to see the museum of arts and science in Daytona Beech but since looked rundown and had only pictures of old french paintings so we divided to go to the museum of Halifax History. Arriving in the museum, a nice old lady helped us set up a film to start our self guided tour. It talked about history of Daytona Beech and NASCAR’s influence to the area.

We then got Yann from his earlier class and went to a Thai restaurant which was very good. After that we brought Yann back to his class and we waited in the lower level of the control tower for the duration of his class. We then went Downtown to see some of the Bike week tents and then headed back to Yann’s house where we said goodbye and then headed to the

Our flight from Orlando to Denver was a smooth one but our second flight from Denver to Phoenix got canceled due to lack of pilots. After our long wait, we got awarded a dinner, breakfast and a night of hotel to the Hyatt for free! Our flight was going to depart from Denver at 8:00 Alcock the next morning.



Day 1:

Perfect start to a vacation.

Day 2:

The plane we rented. It is called a Piper

Day 3:

John Pennekamp state park

Picture of 7 mile long bridge going to the Florida keys

Day 4:

Lebon James casually driving his Porsche

Day 5:

The colonial quarters in St. Augustine.

Day 6:

The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine

Day 7:

Picture of Daytona Beach International Speedway.



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