Upside Down House!!!

Taipei, Taiwan March 19 2016

Upside Down House

Today we decided to explore Taipei by taking a 30 minute metro ride down to the Huashan Creative Park located in the Zhongzheng District. Once a tobacco factory, this renovated warehouse complex is in the middle of some pretty prime real estate. Instead of demolishing this piece of history, the city of Taipei used this empty space to put a museum and install a relatively large scale art project, the upside down house. This unique piece of “modern and contemporary art”  is a traditional American house with a porch and all. When you enter by the “back door” situated on the second floor, you instantly feel that something is different, very different. While navigating through the occasional lighting surging from the floor, you notice a dining table hanging from the wooden ceiling. Then after waiting for your turn to take pictures, you continue into the garage where a Toyota Camry is hanging from the ceiling. But where I took the best picture was in the bathroom where I stood upside down with one hand on the edge of the bathtub! That was my first and last time doing a handstand on one hand!

IMG_4885FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender (2)IMG_4905

After leaving the over-touristed house since the CNN and BBC coverage, we went to a nearby shaved mango ice cream shop which was perfect for a warm day. They take a large block of mango ice and slowly shave it into a bowl where fresh mangoes and a scoop of mango sorbet are added on top. Dont forget the mango flavored marshmallows!IMG_5189

All in all, i really enjoy Taipei for many reasons but what excites me most is the possibility of going almost anywhere in the city with just a short trip with the clean and inexpensive metro, the MRT.

-Loic Boehler-Bosch


3 thoughts on “Upside Down House!!!

  1. Dear Loic
    The hole school misses you and are all talking about you the 7th grade Spanish class looked at your blog they were very interested in the upside down house. My you and your mom as our carpool. You and your family are very nice people and I hope you love Taipei 😀


  2. Love reading your blog. You are so blessed to have experienced so many interesting sights in your short life. You come from a wonderful family and please know you are welcome to our tiny Adobe any time in crazy southern Ca. Big hugs to all in your wonderful family.


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