Sailing Camp France

A day on the boat:

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As you can see in the picture above, we had a decent sized sailboat for about 5 people including one instructor. (Of course, this is not our boat but it shows a pretty good representation of the actual size) We started our voyage at the largest sailing port in Europe, La Rochelle and then began to sail towards the first destination of our trip, Ile de Re. Now to a typical day on the boat.

After being woken up at about 9 by a large cowbell, the 4 kids detached the boat from our spot in the port and started sailing. We usually sailed for about 5 hours and you may be wondering what we would do for such a long time while being rocked back and forth but oh my we had so much to do! First of all, we could be outside enjoying the perfect weather,  a cool breeze and a bright sun, but we usually stayed inside for the first 2 hours of the trip as it was less bumpy. Inside we could play cards, draw, prank each other, or even sleep. And if we were lucky, the captain would let us put the anchor down and swim in the middle of the ocean! Once we arrived to our destination, we emphatically asked to leave the boat to go explore the town. Of course we cooked and washed all the dishes by ourselves but the only thing we needed help with was the recipe. So, of course, the captain helped us and we had 5 days of culinary perfection. At night we always relaxed for an hour on the deck and asked each other questions from our lives back home. Two kids were from France and then my two best friends also were expatriates in Asia, based in Shanghai.

Cette petite île est situé une heure au nord de la Rochelle. Avec une côte qui est complètement naturelle avec que des plages a l’est et a l’ouest, la population de lile est que 15,000 personnes! On est très bien ici. Les seules manières d’arriver à l’île est celle de la voiture ou d’un bateau et comme c’est un camp de voile, parfait. Nous sommes arrives au port vers 4 heures du soir mais malheureusement á cause des courants, nous ne pouvions que rentrer à 19 heures. Une fois qu’on étaient rentrés dans la ville fortifiee, nous avons eu le droit de nous promener pour une petite heure. Cette ville est pleine de petits magasins et de bons restos mais se qui a attrapé mon attention le plus était le château en plein milieu de la ville. Tout ce qui reste son deux arches et un grand clocher. Voici une photo:image1 (1).JPG

This small island is located one hour north of La Rochelle. With a coastline that is completely natural with beaches to the east and a west, we are very happy here. The city only has 10,000 people living there! The only way to get to the island is by car or boat and it’s a perfect sailing camp destination. We arrived at the port around 4 pm but unfortunately because of the high tide, we had to leave and come back at 7 pm in order to get in. Once we had returned to the fortified town, we had the right to walk for an hour. This town is full of small shops and good restaurants but what really caught my attention most was the castle right in the middle of the city. All that remains are its two arches and a large bell tower and of course the walls. Here’s a photo above

Le coucher de soleil 🙂image2.JPG

 The sunset!!!


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