Iceland 2014 (via Baltimore)

Baltimore/ IcelandDay 1

Today we woke up at 8:30 to finish packing and cleaning before leaving to the airport at 11:30. We put our luggage in the car and headed to the airport. We took our boarding tickets and boarded the airplane. The trip from Phoenix was 1h and 30mn to Houston International Airport. We directly went to eat some Asian noodles before waiting what we thought was 30 min till our plane left. Unfortunately, our plane had some unknown delays in New Orleans. We waited 2 hours charging our iPads and iPhones while our plane arrived. Five hours later, we were safe in Baltimore at a local time of 3:20 A.M. Good Night. Day 2

Aujourd'hui nous nous sommes réveillés à midi. Avec le décalage, il n'était que 9am en Arizona. Après ont est allé à une petite ville à côté de la mère qui s'appelé Havre de Grâce. Ont à marché un peu sur la promenade et nous avons aussi joué dans un parc. On est rentrés à la maison pour se préparer pour le jeu de softball de Emily. Elle a gagné 7-4 et après on est allés se coucher.IMG_7460IMG_7462

Day 3:

Today we started off with a small toast and some jelly for breakfast and then we were headed strait for the City of Baltimore. My brother in law Ruin, brought us to a street where we walked a little bit to a small coffee shop underneath the Four Seasons Hotel. I caught up on some sports while my mom charged her phone and looked at what time our tour was. We were going to visit Oriole Park at Camden Yards. This is the official baseball park for the Baltimore Orioles. So we headed towards the large warehouse. Camden yards is a very unique stadium. It has a normal ballpark but the cool part is that they reused an old warehouse and converted it to some offices and shops. This also serves as a homerun deflector. Any baseball that hits it will just bounce right off. We visited some party suites and the press box and we even visited the home dugout. After that it was dinner time so we went to eat some chicken which Nicole prepared and she is a very good cook. 🍗🍗. Yummy. We then went to sleep.saca

Day 4:

Aujourd'hui on a commencé notre journée par avoir un petit déjeuner de gauffres et de sirop d'érable. Après on a fait un voyage de 1h pour aller à un village Amish. Les Amish sont des personnes qui ont quitté l'église Anglaise pour déménager aux Etats-Unis. Aux Etats-Unis ils ont continué une vie très simple et sans haute technologie alors on a visite un village Amish et dégusté un repas traditionnel au restaurant. Ensuite on est allé à l'enseigne des chocolat Hershey. On a suivi un tour pour voir comment le chocolat était fabriqué. Ils nous ont donné quelques échantillons et après nous sommes rentrés à la maison. Bonne Nuit:)

Day 5:

Today we started off by eating some toast and some fruit. Today we were leaving but I wanted to spend a little more time with Emily, Xavy and Izzy so we stayed home until about 3:00pm when we left to go to the Smithsonian National Air and Space museum in Washington D.C. They had a space shuttle and we even got some space ice cream at the end. We then left to go to Iceland. In our plane there was a USB plug but you had to pay for your dinner. Knowing that we might not have a dinner in the airplane, we had already taken a sandwich at the airport. We then slept on our red eye plane as we knew that it would be a short night. Good Night.IMG_7517

Day 6:

Aujourd'hui nous sommes arrivés à Reyjavik environ 8:00am. On a pris notre voiture de location et après on a pris la route pour 1:30h vers Reykjavik. Nous sommes arrivés et il y avait encore quelque heures avant de pouvoir rentrer dans l'hotel alors nous avons dormi 3 heures dans la voiture pour attendre. On s'est installés avant d'aller dans le centre de Reykjavik. On à visité le centre ville, mangé une soupe, et fini notre journée avec une crêpe au Nutella. Bonne Nuit.IMG_7541IMG_7535IMG_7551

Day 7:

Today we woke up at 8:30am to get some waffles and start our 2hr road trip to a small town in the Northwest of the island called Borganes. In the city center, we visited a small museum called the Settlement Center. One exhibition was about Egil Saga and another was about the first Viking settlers. In between both exhibitions, we ate at the restaurant which had only locally grown fresh food. We then headed East to visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the whole island: ...We took some pictures and left pretty quickly because it was pouring. We then returned to Reykjavik where it was midnight and experienced a rare midnight sunset in Iceland. Good Night!IMG_7640IMG_7565

Day 8:

Aujourd'hui on s'est réveillé à 11:30 nous avons mangé à un petit café Icelandais pour le lunch. Puis nous sommes allés au bureau de tourisme pour planifier notre journée du lendemain. Après on est allé au Blue Lagoon. Le Blue Laggon est une piscine naturelle géo thermale à un peu près 39°C. Elle se trouve dans un champ de lave. L'eau est bonne pour la peau mais pas pour les cheveux! On est après alle se coucher. Bonne Nuit!IMG_7664IMG_7658IMG_7685IMG_7670IMG_7669

Day 9:

Today we woke up at 9:30 and headed towards Thingvellir National park. This park is important for geology because that's where the continental divide is and for history because that is where the first parliament in all of Europe was started. Then we went to Geyser National Park where the 2nd largest geyser in the world erupts very 6-7 minutes (the 1st one is Old Faithful). On our way to our next stop, Gullfos, we saw a lot of sheep and horses on the side of the road. In Gollfos we took pictures which I will put in next and walked on a small trail to an other viewpoint. And there was our second to last day in Iceland. This tour is called The Golden Circle. Good Night!IMG_7783

Day 10

Today we woke up at about 10:30 to start our last day in Iceland. First we went to the public library where there was an photography exhibition by Ragnar who took some pictures about climate change in Iceland. Then we went to a Saga Museum but unfortunately it looked like the same one we had visited a couple days ago in Borganes so we just ate an ice cream and headed for a hotel lobby who had the World Cup on. Then we went to a vegetarian restaurant called Glow. There they served a numerous amount of salads and chicken wraps. We had a cucumber salad and ate chicken wrap to finish our last day in Iceland.IMG_7715.JPG

Day 11:

Today we woke up at 4:00am to go to the airport. We got onto the airplane and 5 hours later we were in Switzerland. I was excited because my grandparents were expecting us and together we drove to Thann, France to eat some soup and go to sleep.