The Perfect Italian Birthday

July 27, my birthday. We started off this day with an early wake up time as we were heading out to hike on a nearby mountain. Before we headed out, I remembered to take my fleece as it can get pretty cold in the Alps. We arrived at the trailhead at 9:30 and about 3 hours of intense trekking later we were at the top of the mountain called the petit mont blanc. Just to give you an idea, we started at 1000 meters and at the top we were at 2200. The view was extraordinary as we could even see the Mont Blanc itself since it was a clear day.IMG_8409.JPG But unfortunately, the most challenging part was yet to come. The way down was extremely steep with switchbacks every 10 steps but fortunately took a little less time.  At the end of the hike our knees hurt from the uphill and our thighs from the downhill. And just to mention, the total time was 5 hours for the hike :) Next up was lunch and we weren't going to go anywhere ordinary while in Italy so I asked to return to a restaurant we had been last year, serving meter and a half boards of pure prosciutto , salami and much much more.IMG_9758.JPG Many of us speculated that we would not eat all of it but 30 min later, there wasn't a speck of food left. We had completely devoured the meal. In the afternoon, we stayed home and relaxed because in an hour or two there was going to be the famous San Pantaleon Festival. Your ticket to the festival, food festival to be specific, is a wooden plate which you use to got to different stations serving a variety of Italian delicacies. Some examples were pasta, prosciutto, raw meat toasts, risotto, and the most famous, GELATO. We only completed three quarters of the stations as we were still full from lunch and then headed home after a great birthday.
The view from our friends apartment where we were staying at for the week.